History, Mission and Vision of P.R.E.T.T.Y INC.

The main mission and vision of PRETTY is to provide comprehensive sexual health and reproductive justice education to girls. Our program serves as a prevention method to many of the ills that young girls in various cities face, including but not limited to: sexual abuse, risky sexual behaviors, unplanned pregnancies, sex trafficking, predator awareness, contraction of sexually transmitted infections and mental abuse. Within the ten-week program that we offer our girls we have three (3) basic objectives:

Our Program at a Glance (WHAT WE OFFER)

On a regular basis our students meet with staff and volunteers to learn about their bodies, including their menstrual cycles and proper hygiene, their choices regarding their sexual futures including the pregnancy process, the social emotional components of sexual relationships and influence of partners. During these workshops community volunteers provide personal testimonials to engage students in real life experiences. Volunteer gynecologists speak with students surrounding proper vaginal health care, expectations of doctors and how to properly use hygiene products. Audio visual components are used to detail the effect of sexual transmitted infections as well as sex trafficking practices that predators use to lure children. Our workshops are for one hour weekly for a course of ten (10) weeks per grade.