Non Profit Services

P.R.E.T.T.Y. Inc is a vendor of Chicago Public Schools offering several services for grades 6-12.
• Comprehensive Sexual Health Workshops for girls 6-12th grade
• CPS Partner with curriculum aligned with CPS standards
• Session covers basic female hygiene tips, educates participants on common feminine infections and informs them of medical care options and resources
• Transparent workshops about identity and sexual communication
• Extensive Sexual communication workshops for parents on how to communicate about sex
• Empowerment workshops that assist girls and women to understand choice and reproductive justice

Sexual Harassment Preventative Professional Development

Many times the start of sexual harassment is inappropriate communication. Many companies and organizations use Dr. McDowell for professional developments and workshops to ensure that sexually inappropriate communication, social media communication as well as non-verbal communication, can lead to extreme consequence.

Sexual Communication Coaching

…for couples and mother and daughter pairs. Understanding how to communicate about sexual health, sexual desires and sexual preparations is difficult, because there is no “how to” guide as interactive, transparent and easy as what is offered by Dr. McDowell.

Keynote Speaking

Dr. McDowell offers forums and workshops for not only female mentoring groups within the inner city , social service agencies and schools, but to small groups of mother’s and guardians who are searching for answers and insight to communicate about sex with a generation that is staring their sexual endeavor’s earlier than ever.

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